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Pickup and Delivery
This service includes pickup and delivery of your shipments to our warehouse, and delivery of packaging supplies from our retail store to your local location. Depending on location pricing will change. Does not include household goods - please call for a FREE estimate of this type of delivery request.

CARTONS & CRATES understands that changes in your needs will happen. We’re happy to accommodate. Simply contact via email or toll free at 800-598-7448 and we’ll handle your returns.

While we work to make every delivery as smooth and perfect as possible, exchanges will be honored worry free. Contact us online, or toll free at
800-598-7448, and we will arrange whatever exchanges are necessary.

CARTONS & CRATES values the importance of your delivery status. We will email or fax your tracking number when your order has shipped, or call us toll free at 800.598.7448 to check the status. We guarantee your satisfaction.

As a qualified, experienced packing and shipping company, we recommend insuring your packages for the full invoice value of the item(s) being shipped. The first $100 of the full value is FREE, then insurance is available and charged $2 per $100 value increment thereafter. As your shipping agent, Cartons and Crates will submit insurance claims on your behalf, in the event your package is lost, stolen or damaged during shipment. We guarantee timely processing of your claim by our office, and will track and follow your claim through resolution with the insurance company.

Your security and privacy is honored at CARTONS & CRATES. We are committed to earning your satisfaction and trust, and thank you for choosing us. We regard your information with the strictest of confidentiality and use only secured web pages with the latest technology to prevent any infringement upon your personal security.

Terms and Conditions

1. Cartons & Crates, hereafter referred to as C&C, carrier referred to as carrier, customer referred to as shipper. Parcels, accepted by C&C from shipper, are subject to refusal for shipment by the carrier.

2. C&C shall not accept, without adequate insurance coverage provided by carrier, any shipment parcel(s) containing:

  1. Glass or other fragile items
  2. Contents exceeding $ 100 in value
  3. Hazardous materials

3. C&C shall act as agent only for receipt and forwarding of parcel(s) by 3rd party shippers. C&C assumes no liability for the successful completion of delivery of parcel(s) or contents thereof. In the event of loss or damage to said parcel(s), C&C will act as agent only on behalf of the shipper for the filing and processing of claims; it is hereby expressly agreed that C&C shall have no liability if any claim is denied or only paid in part by the carrier.

4. It is also agreed, that provided the shipper has indicated the “declared value” and paid the appropriate fees, the carrier’s liability is limited to the repair or replacement value of lost or damaged items, of readily ascertainable market value, not to include items of sentimental value. If parcel (s) should arrive damaged, the receiver must arrange for inspection of the parcel(s) with the carrier’s local agent.

5. C&C is not liable for the failure of the carrier to properly collect or remit funds for COD parcels. Furthermore, receiver’s check shall be accepted for COD’s at shipper’s risk unless otherwise noted on COD tag. Shipper assumes all charges for a COD shipment, if refused by the consignee.

6. Shipper shall not hold C&C liable for failure to make timely delivery on delivery date specified. Any statement by C&C as to probable date of delivery by carrier is a statement of opinion only and shall not be warranted in any manner. C&C shall not be liable for any delays in shipments or deliveries by C&C and/or carrier.

7. Claims not made in writing to Cartons and Crates within 15 days of the shipment date are waived. All packing materials must be kept for inspection for 3 months.

8. All parties agree that in the event of any default by either party, venue will be in Napa County, California.

9. All parties agree that in case of litigation the prevailing party shall receive reasonable attorneys fees.
10. Interest shall accrue on any past due amount at the legal rate of 18% per annum.

11. If shipper declares wine shipment is to a commercial destination, but it is found to be residential, shipper authorizes C&C to charge shipper’s credit card $50.00.

12. The foregoing constitutes the full and complete agreement between C&C and shipper and supersedes all prior/subsequent representation either written or oral.

13. C&C is not liable or responsible and does not warranty shipment damaged as result of hot or cold weather.

The Customer agrees to hold Cartons & Crates (C&C) harmless for damages that may result from negligent or delinquent handling by common carriers.

Inherently Fragile Items C&C will handle shipments that in our judgment are inherently fragile only on condition that the customer will accept C&C as an agent working under the supervision of the customer. In such cases, C&C will require that the customer designate the packaging means and the consigner will provide for a final signed inspection as a condition for the release of the freight to the common carrier. Only under these conditions will C&C agree to package freight that is inherently fragile.

It is also understood that some goods may be damaged in shipment even though the greatest care is exercised, both by C&C and the carrier. C&C will not be responsible for damages to such inherently un-shipable goods.

Declared Value and Limitation of Liability: The liability of C&C is limited to the sum of $ 10 per pound unless a higher value is declared and a greater charge paid at the rate of $ 1.00 per $100.00 value up to a maximum liability of $75,000.

C&C shall not be liable, in any event, for any special, incidental or consequential damages incurred, including but not limited to loss of profits or income whether or not C&C had knowledge that such damages might be incurred.


A. No claims will be processed unless packaging and shipping bills have been paid in full.

B. In the event of damage, the package must be submitted to the carrier for immediate inspection as a first step in any claims procedure.

C. C&C is not responsible for damage to items packaged by shipper.
D. Written notice of loss or damage must be reported to C&C within fifteen days after delivery of the shipment.


C&C shall have a special lien against the property delivered to C&C for the Labor and Services performed in packaging and/or crating the customer’s goods until payment is received for labor and service performed pursuant to California Civil Codes Sections 3051 and 3052. Note further that if the amount due is not paid within ten days after, the amount shall become due. C&C shall have the right to sell the property subject to lien to satisfy the amounts that are due.